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Fit For Life Pilates is a small fitness business operating between two Community Centres in Tiverton. There is somethig for every one, all abilties, ages and genders. Classes for teenagers are half price. You can either join as a member for £35 per month and do as many classes as you wish throughout the year. If interested please ask about setting up a standing order, which can be cancelled at any time

I am an Advanced Level 3 Fitness Instructor on the Register Of Fitness Professionals (REPs) including Advanced Pilates Instructor & Kettlercise Instructor. I have 25 years experience within the fitness industry and athletics.

I encourage people to be fit and strong, physically and mentally and to be the very best versions of themselves. Change or remain the same, never look back only to see how far you have come.

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Fit for life pilates
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Moorhayes this morning 10.00am is Crazy Fun Fitness Circuits..... with chocolates and Christmas tunes!
TONIGHT at Sunningmead at 6.45pm is Fancy Dress Dance Fit with favourite Zumba tracks & Dance Crazy tunes, PRIZES and chocolates and a selection of 'STUFF' to rummage through and take away!...... followed at 8.00pm by Fitness Pilates..... just as 'Bonkers' with a Christmas TWIST !!
Over & Out...... see you all laters x x x x

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Fit for life pilates
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Perfect day training on my favourite Winter beach, Saunton Sands. Not a soul around as I ran the 4 miles out and back, collecting some stunning seashells along the way as the tide went out......

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Fit for life pilates
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It went like this!
Mary got wrong time for start time of Race The Light! So communication was made with Chris Conway to get to mine for 2pm leave (this communication from Mary was at 1.30pm) I then thrust my van into gear and too lazy to reverse and still thinking I owned a Land Rover Discovery, I drove onto a grass verge and got stuck! Yelling at Chris and Mary to PUSH in pouring rain I then collected my neighbours recycling bin lids and shoved them under the front wheels for grip! That failed so I banged on a neighbours door with my tow rope in hand begging for a TOW! The last time I banged on his door I needed his extendable ladder to climb onto my bedroom window after losing my keys! I was pulled out cracking and breaking all my neighbours recycling bin lids!
We were away.... pouring rain and two accidents on M5 & A38....which slowed us down.
We made it Steve Skedgell by a wing and a prayer..... and what a FABULOUS ADVENTURE your incredible race was......
I RECORDED FANTASTIC VIDEO FOOTAGE of all the athletes screaming as we crossed the massive exspance of estuary!
HOWEVER I CAN'T SHOW YOU BECAUSE I DROPPED MY FRIGGIN IPHONE IN THE ESTUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I dived in underwater I almost caught it.... but no he's gone in his waterproof case still videoing his journey under the sea and I can still ring him and listen to my voice!!!!!
Thank Mary for letting me use your phone to post this post!

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Fit for life pilates Only ME!!!!!!!

December 15, 2018 at 10:49 pm