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Fit For Life Pilates is a small fitness business operating between two Community Centres in Tiverton. There is somethig for every one, all abilties, ages and genders. Classes for teenagers are half price. You can either join as a member for £35 per month and do as many classes as you wish throughout the year (excluding the running courses).

I am an Advanced Level 3 Fitness Instructor on the Register Of Fitness Professionals (REPs) including Advanced Pilates Instructor & Kettlercise Instructor. I have 20 years experience within the fitness industry and athletics. I am a Leader in Running Fitness and I am currently training as a Coach in Running Fitness with UKA (England Athletics)

Not only can you come and join in with a wide variety of different classes we also have the Fit For Life Pilates Running Group with the ‘Absolute Beginners’ running course changing people’s lives for the better.

Fit For Life Pilates works closely with Slimming World to promote a healthy nutritional lifestyle which works with all Slimming World and Weight Watcher Current Members (membership card needs to be produced at each class) coming to classes at half price (excluding the Absolute Beginners running course)

What are you waiting for….. change your life, reach your goals …. from beginner to accomplished athlete….. Fit For Life Pilates has something for you.

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Fit for life pilates
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I had a great 17.5ml run from Exmouth to Branscombe along the very steep Jurassic Coastal Path... I wanted to break 4hrs... 3hrs 41mins. At Branscombe I met Teezers, had a coffee and an egg bap and ran back to Exmouth.... with a very STORMY STORM on the way.. a friendly bull and an ice cream stop at Budleigh...... Very windswept by the time we finished..... great training Teezers 😃😃

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Fit for life pilates
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And so tonight was my final class until MONDAY 4th SEPTEMBER.... 6.45pm All new Zumba at Sunningmead followed by Fitness Pilates's.....
Thank you ALL so very much for your fantastic support... the classes are always busy and buzzing... so many of you have said you are going to miss the classes for 2 weeks and to be honest I'm going to miss you! I have found a 'job' that over the past 23yrs has become a passion meeting many truly inspirational folk along the way... I don't need to get a way.... at all.... Then the parting comments tonight were "Make sure you get some rest " ... and I know you all genuinely mean that.... but I've always lived life in the fast lane... Iooking for Challenge & Adventure... there's plenty of time to rest when I'm laid to rest ...... so I will be enjoying every single day 😊....... Teezers...you've got another 24hrs to go before your free of me ❤️

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Fit for life pilates
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10.00am or 11.30am at Moorhayes is Fitness Pilates.... Gliders..... smooth, flowing choreography focusing on good posture and alignment.....
6.00pm is KETTLERCISE - Assassin 😳.....
STEP & KETTLE will start the new term off on Thursday 7th September...... new routines ❤️

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